Hikers Heaven

Today I decided to start trying on and getting familiar with gear. So where do I go? REI. Hikers Heaven.

Before today my only experience with REI was when I was on a last minute search for a rash guard and someone suggested I check at REI. I was not familiar with the store and it was a quick visit to the swim section after I was given direction from an amazingly helpful woman who worked there. It was a quick in and out visit. Today was not a quick visit. After researching where to find gear for the hike every vlog, blog and website suggested or linked you to REI.

I walked in with my friend Leah and began my adventure in the sleeping bag and packs section. Like my last visit I am greeted by a very helpful associate who is ready to answer questions and help me find what I am looking for. I knew I wasn’t ready to purchase big ticket items since I am still awaiting fertility results but I wanted to do my research.

REI had everything on my list I had questions about. It was truly hikers heaven. Everything in one place. Even with help the start is overwhelming and each item has so many different version its hard to decide on one.

For a newbie like myself its hard to just go in and purchase an item because some vlogger said they loved it. One thing I have taken away from my hours and hours of research is ITS ALL PERSONAL PREFERENCE. This is a hard concept to wrap my head around because I don’t know my personal preference, having no experience with hiking.

SO for my fellow newbies I suggest pick one thing at a time and take a day to focus on that item. Research online, find reviews then go into REI with your top three and try the products out, get others opinions and make a decision about one thing at a time. This is a hike that can be 6 months long, take your time to make a decision and figure out what works for you.

I went in thinking Salomon brand was going to be my shoe but after trying on numerous brands and meeting this amazing couple I ended up with Altra. They were two friendly hikers gearing up for the PT. Thanks to this amazing couple who gave me more websites, blogs and info to help prepare. Mind you at this point I had spent over three hours in REI.

Three plus hours in hikers heaven and only left with a pair of trail runners.

Talk the Talk

Since I decided that hiking the Appalachian Trail was my plan b I can’t stop talking about it. Every conversation, every person I know, and any chance to bring up the Appalachian Trial, I do. I await as I chit chat with others to bring it up, tell others about my plans and ensure how great this idea is. It had me thinking.. am I just talking about it to reassure myself, that I am not crazy for deciding to do this hike? OR am I just so excited about it I just want to share my happiness with everyone? I landed on the answer: BOTH.

I have the need to reassure myself, yes. But embarking on such a hardcore, bad ass adventure is super exciting! I mean did every person who decided to thru hike the Appalachian Trail not question themselves? I question myself several times a day! I think this is all part of the psychological preparation of the hike. I mean isn’t the biggest part of completing any goal psychological?

The Trail

I came up with a plan if fertility treatment fails again and motherhood at this time in my life is a no. My plan is to hike a trail. Not a cute Instagram and Snapchat documented day hike in Austin. A long, grueling, hard as fuck, bucket list hike.

THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL. 2,184 miles, 14 states and takes around 6 months to hike.

No I have not lost my mind, no I don’t think it will be easy to accomplish, and no I will not be starting this trail on my own. I am aware of how extreme and difficult this goal is. So who is ready to join me on the journey to finishing a thru hike of the Appalachian trial? ….cue the crickets.

Why The Appalachian Trail and not a spa date and a 4 day cruise out of Galveston. This is what I decided was best. This hike gives me 6 months to find myself, figure out what is next for me and help me find the love I haven’t had for myself in years.

I have the opportunity and the means to take 6 months off to accomplish this hike. I have always wanted to do something great and this is it. It is my chance to accomplish something great and encourage others to do the same.

I am supported by friends, family and my amazing husband. So why not?!


Since this is the first episode let’s call it a Pilot. So hopefully like a pilot episode it draws you in to follow my story or has you binge reading all episodes, dying for the next episode to come out. Well today is the day! The day to watch the start of my new journey or the downfall of my old one, or both. So lets start with what has brought me to the next episode of the Trail.


A journey in itself. So let’s cover the basics shall we! Endometrial Hyperplasia, anovuailtion, and possibly not able to produce mature eggs..let’s just say-Oh! And PCOS-a cluster fuck of bullshit that has graciously aided, started and deepened my glorious depressions.

I am currently, as of Thursday, in my final round of letrozole treatment, the step before in vitro-The ridiculously expensive fertility treatment that only works if you have mature eggs!- so you see what I mean when I say CLUSTER FUCK BULLSHIT.

So here I am depressed, anxious and lost waiting to find out if this is a yes or no to becoming a mother anytime soon. This is what the series is about. If its a NO….What the hell is next?!